Cookie Dough

Fundraising Cookie Dough church has a huge potential for profit. You can usually keep 30% - 50% profit from your collector fund cookie dough. Because your customers will eat cookie dough, you can repeat year after fundraising year.

The church of cookie dough how fundraising works is your church meet a group of volunteers to sell cookie dough. He'll train your volunteers on how to sell cookie dough and what props to use as they sell. The paste cookie company has fundraising brochures, order forms and all supplies of sale you will need.

Depending on your volunteer go out to the public and your congregation and sell-sell-sell. Using all learned proven techniques your volunteers will collect orders for cookie dough and take money up front for the frozen dough that will be delivered at a specified date. Then, when your order is collected you will submit your total church cookie dough fundraiser for the vendor and wait for your order arrives.

As with all fundraising church there are advantages and disadvantages. You want to make a careful assessment of these two before you decide a fundraising cookie dough.

The advantages are:

Cookie dough is a highly consumable product. This allows you organizing fundraising cookie dough church year after year.
Normally, you will have no costs before starting. Your volunteers will collect money from customers when they take the orders is then sent to the manufacturer of cookie dough.
People like cookie dough. With a wide variety of paste that is available to customers buying a paste for each individual family member.
Profits are retained when you send in the order. This allows your church to begin using the funds for your department immediately.

The disadvantages are:

The dough should remain frozen until delivery the client. You must ensure you have adequate freezer space before taking delivery of the dough.
You need to have a scheduled delivery day and time. Your dough should be frozen immediately and shipped as soon as possible.

Other than this fundraising cookie dough is a great way to have a church fundraiser. You may even get your volunteers to buy and steal your dough profits even higher.

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